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Seihyun Lee

I'm Seihyun (Shawn) Lee

나는 이세현


A personal project

Jun 2021 - Now

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Share your actual stories
Record your honest feelings with audio and video
Get closer to your friends by chatting about your diaries

Busking Club

A school club (that I'm making!)

May 2023 - Now

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In front of cafeteria 1
In front of cafeteria 2
In the gym

Submerged Under Snow

My new single!!

Nov 2023

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Performing Submerged Under Snow
Submerged Under Snow Album Cover


A school musical

Feb 2023 - Apr 2023

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My profile photo for the musical
A scene from our musical
Ending bye bye scene

Scratch Coding Class

Dec 2022 - Jan 2023

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Game: Super Mario Simple Remix
Game: Car and Gravity
Game: Don't get hit by snow